Wednesday, July 21, 2010


I haven't updated this thing in so long and it really is embarrassing.  I have been bored as hell back home because of my terrible internet and haven't been able to even start up a session in weeks.  But, that is all about to change and I am finally up and running again at college so this will be updated often like it used to be :).  Don't worry everybody I didn't quit and I am back.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Vegas trip cancelled

Over the past month or two I have been at a pretty hard time in my life.  My parents really will never accept me playing poker as any form of job and it comes down to my family having a bad past with "gambling" in general.  They think I am going down a bad road and I have literally tried everything to prove otherwise.  It came down to a decision I had to make on whether or not I go back to college this year.  If I chose to go on this Vegas trip I would have no cosigner for my loan that I need to go back to school.  So last night I had to make a hard decision and put this trip on hold even after booking the flight to show my parents that school really is more important to me although playing poker is still very important to me.

We have come to a compromise where I won't be going on this trip and I have to find a summer part time job even if that means working 1 day a week but, they would continue to allow me to play poker.  So tomorrow I am going out to buy my own internet connection (since the reason I've had such low volume this past month is because my internet is completely unreliable at this point) and really start hitting the tables hard again. 

Friday, May 28, 2010

Vegas Trip

The ticket is bought the date is set and everything is panning out nicely.  June 7th will be the date I am set to fly to Las Vegas to spend some time living with bodeye, aaron, and nick.  I've heard some stories about how tough nick can be but, that is really the only way to get better at anything so I honestly can't wait.  I'll update as much as possible while I am out there.  gl at the tables

Monday, May 24, 2010

Bodeye is the man

So I have come to the conclusion that the man bodeye2 or as I have him noted on full tilt (the man, the myth, the legend) is an incredible poker player.  The guy works his ass off and after reading his blog I found he has reached the $1,000,000 career earnings mark.  This is no small feat as many of you can imagine but, he deserves it. 

Today he ran two sessions at the $5.50 45 man level and had all of nick rainey's students that played in those tournaments with him send their HHs in so he could review them for this weeks webinar.  I of course jumped right into the action and before we even started told him I was coming for him. I then found myself sitting to the left of bodeye for the first half the one 45 man.  He eventually was moved but, we then again found ourselves sitting at the final table together.  We were both pretty low stacks compared to the others at the table but, we both ended up making the money.  Just inside the money bodeye was knocked out after shoving KJo and being called by a dominate KK.  I was left a small stack and eventually after some strategic push/fold play was eventually a medium stack again.  I had an aggressive player to my immediate left which, ended up costing him after I shoved K9o and he woke up calling me with K3o to cripple him and in a few hands found himself out of the tournament.  Once three handed I was the medium stack and the big stack was playing very aggressively.  The smallest stack was very passive so it was nice when the big stack let me have a go at him.  Then the big stack decided to limp my bb once when I had the big 92o which, ended up becoming two pair right on the flop.  I almost doubled up through the big stack during that hand and was left as the big stack.  I knew this was my time to dominate and I took full control of the table eventually knocking out the medium stack leaving me about 8x more in chips than the lonely small stack.  After a very short heads up game I took the tournament down for $85 and told bodeye that I knew I would end up beating him :).

Hopefully my video will be selected for this week's webinar but until then gl at the tables

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Weird Problems

I tried to get a session started yesterday and I signed on to my full tilt account to find that for some reason no games were running.   I tried every tab but, nothing.  I then checked pokerstars and found that everything was working normally and I became incredibly confused.  I used this time to go over a few HHs and also check out some flight days to get me and ora (onopro) out to Vegas as soon as possible.  Our tentative date is set for June 7th.  Ora is planning on staying out there for about 2 weeks or so as for me, I am buying a one way ticket and just kinda going with it.

Off poker related topic:  I have been apart of this site called which, is an invite only site where you gain points for logging on each day and also answering a daily opinion question however you want to.  You also get points for referrals and you use these points to buy really cool stuff like an ipad or xbox360.  If anyone is interested in joining the site please shoot me an email at with the subject line:  Lockerz and I will give you an invite :).

And to everyone, gl at the tables.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

KO king

So today I started me new venture on Full Tilt.  I always enjoyed full tilt much more than Pokerstars because of its rakeback feature and game selection.  When I originally started the Nick Rainey training program I was told there would be more focus on the 180 man games on stars so I set out to play those to get the most out of this experience.  Like I said, I have moved back to Full Tilt and have started to grind out the 90 man KOs.

I really had no idea how this was going to pan out and honestly I was a little intimidated by a new game with a different start structure.  In most games on stars you are forced into doubling up later in the tournament because of your low start stack.  Here you start with a double stack and you are forced to open your range up a bit more and I don't really have the postflop skills just yet.

So I started out playing the $3.30 games to get used to it and I grinded out about 40-50 games after a late start today.  My first session was ended early from an internet failure and I became quickly discouraged because I was deep in two tables.  I got over it and started me later session and found myself at quite a few final tables.  I ended up on 3 final tables at once and place 1st and two of them and 3rd in the other.  Later I was two finals table at the same time and found myself winning another and placing 3rd in another.

Had 7 final table apperances today which ended- 3 1sts 1 second and 3 thirds.  The second came from cracked aces postflop when I caught a guy check raising all in with only a pair of tens. The turn showed two pair for him and I said gg as I loss the hand going in almost even stacked heads up.

Overall very good day.  Gl at the tables

Well the rakeback I speak of is for new members but, if you are an existing member on full tilt you can get rakeback by messaging full tilt support and asking them for it.  They do not give it out to existing members often but, if you are lucky and play on their site a lot you may be blessed with rakeback.   Rakeback itself is a way to get 27% of the rake you pay on their site back.  If you are not an existing member message me on skype: rephorik and I can help you out.  If you are an existing member do what I said above and try your luck. 

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Out of the Loop

So I have been out of the poker loop for a few weeks now and it is starting to get to me.  I have had a lot of things going on since the end of my school year was approaching and I haven't really had the chance to sit down and play.  I tried to watch a few of the training videos and load up some tables just to get into the swing of things but I quickly ran into a problem.  Here at home my internet connection I can't even consider basic.  I have been talking to my dad and convinced him to let me upgrade it so I can do what I need to do not only poker wise.  My life is basically the computer and having the internet cut out and run at sun dial speed are not the things that are going to help me do what I need to accomplish.  As soon as I get my internet upgraded I will be back to the grind and my goal is to not only become one of the best online poker grinders but, to become one of the best teachers in the game as well.  So my goals are set and I will update this only a daily basis once everything is set in place.  GL at the tables. I will be seeing you all around very soon once again