Monday, May 24, 2010

Bodeye is the man

So I have come to the conclusion that the man bodeye2 or as I have him noted on full tilt (the man, the myth, the legend) is an incredible poker player.  The guy works his ass off and after reading his blog I found he has reached the $1,000,000 career earnings mark.  This is no small feat as many of you can imagine but, he deserves it. 

Today he ran two sessions at the $5.50 45 man level and had all of nick rainey's students that played in those tournaments with him send their HHs in so he could review them for this weeks webinar.  I of course jumped right into the action and before we even started told him I was coming for him. I then found myself sitting to the left of bodeye for the first half the one 45 man.  He eventually was moved but, we then again found ourselves sitting at the final table together.  We were both pretty low stacks compared to the others at the table but, we both ended up making the money.  Just inside the money bodeye was knocked out after shoving KJo and being called by a dominate KK.  I was left a small stack and eventually after some strategic push/fold play was eventually a medium stack again.  I had an aggressive player to my immediate left which, ended up costing him after I shoved K9o and he woke up calling me with K3o to cripple him and in a few hands found himself out of the tournament.  Once three handed I was the medium stack and the big stack was playing very aggressively.  The smallest stack was very passive so it was nice when the big stack let me have a go at him.  Then the big stack decided to limp my bb once when I had the big 92o which, ended up becoming two pair right on the flop.  I almost doubled up through the big stack during that hand and was left as the big stack.  I knew this was my time to dominate and I took full control of the table eventually knocking out the medium stack leaving me about 8x more in chips than the lonely small stack.  After a very short heads up game I took the tournament down for $85 and told bodeye that I knew I would end up beating him :).

Hopefully my video will be selected for this week's webinar but until then gl at the tables

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