Sunday, May 23, 2010

Weird Problems

I tried to get a session started yesterday and I signed on to my full tilt account to find that for some reason no games were running.   I tried every tab but, nothing.  I then checked pokerstars and found that everything was working normally and I became incredibly confused.  I used this time to go over a few HHs and also check out some flight days to get me and ora (onopro) out to Vegas as soon as possible.  Our tentative date is set for June 7th.  Ora is planning on staying out there for about 2 weeks or so as for me, I am buying a one way ticket and just kinda going with it.

Off poker related topic:  I have been apart of this site called which, is an invite only site where you gain points for logging on each day and also answering a daily opinion question however you want to.  You also get points for referrals and you use these points to buy really cool stuff like an ipad or xbox360.  If anyone is interested in joining the site please shoot me an email at with the subject line:  Lockerz and I will give you an invite :).

And to everyone, gl at the tables.

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