Sunday, March 7, 2010

Wait until I really start to try

So yesterday I decided I would like to make a few bucks so I sat down at my computer and fired up 16 180 man sngs and let the clicking do the rest.  In my first 30 of the day I had 5 final tables which, included two 1sts a 2nd and a 4th and boosted my total profit up over $260 for the day. I had hands such as 22 take down AA and KQs with a runner runner straight to get some of these wins but, when the poker gods like you even a hand like 72o is going to win as many online players have seen. 

So later that night I decided to put up another 30 MTT's and found myself only cashing in one for a 7th place finish when I was beat by a one outer on the river.  So, it just goes to show you I got a little cocky and the poker gods decided it was time to put me back in my place and now I am here hoping they forgave me this morning.

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