Friday, March 19, 2010


This post isn't about me or my accomplishments whatsoever.  I would like to say that I am proud to be under Nick Rainey's instruction and couldn't be happier with the way he does things.  He is just one of those guys that if you spent maybe 10-15 minutes talking to him you just don't forget what he says.  His instructions stick like glue and the guy couldn't be nicer.  This week he is staking 56 people for the Sunday 1/4 million event as an absolute freeroll.  He expects nothing in return for anyone's placement and the money he is using to do this is something he won last week where he also chopped first place money 50/50 with a guy who was down 16 to 1 in chips.  He told the guy to buy something nice for his 2 kids and that was that. 

Like I said I am proud to represent Nick Rainey and everything he stands for.  GL at the tables


  1. Hey z6 how often do u meet with your team and get reviews from your coach?

  2. i talk with my teammates all the time and we have reviews a few times a week

  3. Really? That sounds great you must have a good team. The team I am on has no coach and no communication, very disappointed by the program so far. It's very discouraging. We'll just wait patiently like we have been for over a week with no coach since nessyb quit and Nick has left us out in the cold. His blog sounds like he is doing such a great job but in reality it is nothing like that. Hey thanks listening gl i'm glad you are on the right track.