Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Rocky Start

So yesterday I started my quest on becoming the greatest 180 man player in the world.  Like I said this is a quest and the proper precautions were taken.  I have a guide aka my coach, I have necessities aka my computer chair, monitor, poker tracker 3, and table ninja.  And I have a will and supposedly with every will comes a way.

So yesterday I decided to play about 65 $2 180 man sngs on pokerstars and well, it was a bit different than I expected.  I tried using table ninja and stacking 16 tables for the first time and yea don't do that.  I was misclicking like crazy pushing things like 93o from the button at like 30bb and folding things like KK it was bad.  So I'm back down to 9 for now until I buy table of interest this coming weekend.

As far as results go in the 75 total 180 mans I have played thus far I have placed 2,3,4 which I am really happy about but, I am still unsure about some of the moves I am making.  I am trying to punish limpers as much as possible but, it seems like I am getting called pretty light at these limits so it is something I am definitely going to work on.  As of now I am in the positive and hope to keep it that way. 

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