Wednesday, February 3, 2010

First post here we go

This is my first post here on blogspot and this is going to be all about me and my poker experience.

I started playing poker about 5 months ago now and after playing professional video games for 3 years I knew the best way to start was to join a training program by the best of the best. I joined pokervt and it has really been a huge help to my game. I fell in love with the sng and mtt game and really tried to improve in those areas. I started to 9 table the 2.25 sngs and have made a decent $50 profit in January which to start wasn't to bad in my eyes. I'm going for silver iron man status this month and so far so good but, beyond that nick rainey is offering a huge oppurtunity id love to be apart of considering I look up to him and spacegravy as idols. I'll blog more about that later.


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