Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Cashier button challenge

So i have decided to make myself a challenge that many people cannot complete for sheer fear of their moneys sake. We all find ourselves checking our BR (Bankroll) after a session or a day and seeing aw damn im down for the day or ya im up today and this often changes our mood for our next session or even the next few days. So I decided to set an alarm on my phone at exactly 8pm est to check my BR and that will be the only time I do.

The second part of this challenge is that any week I somehow lose money I will be going over a ton of HH (handhistories) to improve my game. Also, if I manage two weeks in a row of positive outcomes I will again look at some HH but, this will be less than if I were to have a losing week. Also, a losing week will consititute rewatching all of nick rainey and spacegravy's videos on pokervt for each instance. Every third instance of a loss during a week will consititute rewatching all the ICM (independent chip modeling) videos as well.

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